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We offer hatching eggs of Cherry Valley and Orvia genetics. Alternatively, you can also buy day-old chicks from us. For this we ask for an information 5 weeks before desired date. The collection takes place at our collection stations in Bad Belzig or Reuden-Süd.

Every year, we hatch about 9 million eggs produced in-house in our partner hatchery in Perena (Czech Republic) for our customers. After a 28-day incubation period and comprehensive quality control, our chicks are delivered to our customers in vehicles specially built for chick transport.

Available all year round
Peking duck
2,50 * / piece
Available all year round
Peking duck
1,75 * / piece

*All prices incl. the legally applicable VAT & packaging plus shipping costs.

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Duck and hatching egg production at Duck-Tec Brüterei GmbH

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Hatching eggs


Die eigenproduzierten Eier werden in unserer Partner-Brüterei in Wriezen für unsere Kunden ausgebrütet oder an europäische Kunden verkauft. Nutzen Sie unseren Online-Shop für Ihre Bruteier Bestellung.


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