Liquid gas

Duck-Tec Brüterei GmbH uses several tanks for liquid gas on the premises of Fläminger Entenspezialitäten GmbH & Co. KG uses several tanks for liquid gas. The liquefied gas is used as fuel for heating animal houses. The day-old chicks that are housed have an increased demand for heat, which is generated by the combustion of liquefied petroleum gas.

The liquefied gas is fed from the tank into the animal houses via special pipelines and burnt using suitable gas burners, which generates heat. The tanks themselves are located outside the stables.

We obtain the fuel liquefied gas from certified gas suppliers. They also carry out the prescribed external and internal inspections of the tanks, pipelines and gas burners at prescribed intervals.

The areas where our liquid gas tanks are located are subject to the regulations of the Major Accidents Ordinance.

Duck-Tec works according to certified management systems of basic quality testing (BQP) and quality and safety (QS). This includes the regular inspection of the liquid gas containers. Our basic idea is to avoid incidents by working safely in all areas of our activity. Therefore, we have taken all sustainable safety measures, which are set down in writing and known to the responsible authorities. The developed alarm and hazard prevention plan is coordinated with the responsible authorities and fire brigades at the site. Contractual agreements exist for the performance of preventive fire protection and operational hazard prevention.

The main substances relevant to incidents are:

Substance: Properties:
Liquid gas highly flammable; may form explosive gases with air.

The contact person for information for the neighbourhood is the Managing Director, Mr Marko Kilz, tel. 039248-9440. In addition, the authorised signatory, Dr Gunnar Brehme, tel. 039248-94433, is at your disposal.

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